Corsica is a monk in the service of the followers of the Raven Queen


I was not always as you see me now.

I had a husband once a child.

We were merchants in a caravan that traveled to and from exotic locations. Buying and selling what we could to make a living.

It was a satisfying life.

Until that life was torn asunder.

We were traveling through a rocky uninhabited expanse.

Going to some town….

I can no longer remember the name of.

I remember the sound of alarms. the thunder of the hoof beats, that told use the raiders came on horse back

then it was all screaming and fire and pain…. and eventually blackness

I remember waking in a dark tent, one that reeked of pack animals and unwashed men

That sharp painful moment stretched to an eternity of pain and fear.

Weeks would pass.

there would be beatings and .....encounters with the bandits. desperate violent men

The abuse caused me to retreat within myself.

Separated and alone

I suppose that from the outside I resembled many of the other women that they had brutalized through the years.

silent and full of fear, so much fear

until the fear strangled all hope

but I kept my hope, husband and son were alive somehow somewhere

Until that hope was ..destroyed

then all I had was my anger my hate

hate for these men that had ruined my life and taken my family from me

I lived on hate feasted on hate, drunk hate, so much

that it filled my veins colored my vision.

had to live

had to escape

had to take my revenge.

and I did

but that is a tale for another time


An Empire Forgotten david_campitelli