An Empire Forgotten

The Belt of IronTooth

You see a a wide Leather belt with what appears to be a spinal column centered along it. The bone spine goes down the the length of the belt. The spinal column leads up to the gruesome belt’s buckle, a large goblin skull with two large oversized teeth jutting up from the bottom jaw. The left one is snapped off, leaving a jagged edge. The belt has half a tattoo of a skeletal ram’s face on the back of it…just to proove who it was. The thick strong leather belt appears to have been covered with a layer of goblin hide.

The Following Morning at the inn.

The party comes downstairs the following morning from the inn and the smell of breakfast assaults their noses. Steak and eggs greet each party member. A gigantic steak an inch or two thick and half as wide as a man. Several fried eggs sit atop the monsterous steak. Vutha looks tired after his scavenging detail, but smiles (as best he can) as he makes a sweeping gesture of his arm towards the table. “Breakfast is served…”

Scooters Post

Scott would like to apologize for anyone Vutha pissed off/offended and hopes the transgressions don’t transcend to the player level.

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